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Nicole, who was born in Hawaii to Australian parents, is almost too beautiful. She started her career out in The Land Down Under shortly after she dropped out of high school at the age of 16. In 1990, Nicole landed her career-making role in the otherwise boring Tom Cruise movie Days of Thunder. Of course, shortly thereafter, the nearly-six-foot-tall Nicole married the much-less-than-six-foot Cruise, and not surprisingly, in 2001, that magical union fell apart. Gee whiz, Beave. Thatís a bummer. Thankfully, in spite of Nicoleís incredible talent, beauty, and yet more beauty, she has been more than forthcoming with her on-screen Skin time...


Nicole Kidman Nude! only at Mr.Skin Nicole Kidman Nude! only at Mr.Skin Nicole Kidman Nude! only at Mr.Skin
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